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We manufacture many clasps in different styles and forms. All our products produced in Germany and we use Swarovski crytals only. We plate in our own facility and therefore the plating will last. Our mother company Neumann is the manufacturer and we are situated in the same building so we can oversee the quality and make sure that we get the best clasps on the market. Since 1947 Neumann manufactures clasps in numerous styles and designs. You will find clasps that fit your designs be it bracelet clasps, magnetic clasps, box clasps, multirow and multistrand clasps, vintage clasps or simple lobster clasps.The great variety results from more than 70 years of clasps manufacturing.

We plate our clasps in our own galvanic department so that the plating will last. You will be enjoying your bead designs with our clasps for years. We serve beadshops, beaders, beaddesigners and wholesale bead companies worldwide.

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