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The world's best clasps

Hundreds of hand-crafted clasps plated in real 23k gold & platinum.

Clasps by Metal

Choose from beautiful metal finishes 23kt gold, real platinum, & more -- these premium clasps are designed to last for generations.

Clasps by Type

Do you like push clasps?  What about magnetic, toggle, pearl, or hook clasps?  Discover each type here.

Clasps by Shape

Whether you are looking for square, rectangle, disc, round, heart, hexagon, or other shape clasps, you can find them here!

Clasps by Size

To make life easier, you can browse by clasp size -- small (<15mm), medium (16-25mm), or large (26mm+)!

Claspgarten Uses

Use the world's best clasps to...

  • Repairing heirloom jewelry
  • Designing your own jewelry
  • Fixing broken projects
  • Making a statement
  • Matching clasps to your designs

Clasps Designed For...

Use the world's best clasps in...

  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Stringing projects
  • Bead weaving projects
  • Mixed media projects

What Makes Claspgarten Better?

  • Produced by hand in Germany
  • Precious metal platings (23kt gold, platinum, etc.)
  • Eco-friendly production 
  • Designed to last for generations
  • Over 500 unique styles of clasps

Great FOR:
Beautiful DIY




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