Good to Know

Stamping for mechanical parts and ornamental parts


Metal strips of brass or silver are clamped on various stamping machines – parts are pressed. Various shapes, like springs / brackets, are punched out of the strip material, then shaped into forms. Furthermore crystal stones are also set in the machines in some cases.

When assembling the studs, the silver pins are connected to the silver shell. This is done with a specially developed tool. Various parts are cut to length (wires, brass chains, rubber bands).


Model making

New patterns are created: sample plate (silicone). Parts are placed on silicone plates and pressed, then removed again.

The cavities of the recesses on the underside of the plate are filled with silicone. White plates are harder and are used for larger parts, otherwise the material would flow out when spinning due to the flying force. Pink plates are used for parts with rhinestones. When all recesses have been 'excavated', large adjustment knobs are pressed into the top of the plate. Small adjustment knobs are pressed between the parts to keep the rubber plate more stable


Tin casting

  • In the moring the forms are heated by casting 3 to 4 rounds  and scrap the results. This way the forms are heated up to pefect temperature. After that item per item is casted in the forms. The scrap material is used again by remelting it. Unpure tin is reused and recycled.


Grinding department

pieces from casting are cleaned and prepared for soldering or plating.



Barrel tumbling

in this department the casted and soldered pieces are tumbelded with steel and ceramic balls and different compounds to grind the surfaces and polish them to perfection




Wax casting

In the wax casting department the silver articles are casted in the wax to start the lost wax process. The single casted wax pieces are set on a wax tree for final casting


Galvanic preparation

before the galvanic plating process each item has to be put on brass wire in order to allow electric current for the galvanic process


Galvanic department


different metal baths are used for galvanic plating


Silver casting


silver casting (lost wax process)

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