Frequently Asked Questions


How can I see your prices and how can I access the shopping basket?

You will have access to our prices and the shopping basket as soon as you have activated the link which we will send in a seperate email after you have successfully registered. Then you can click on any category in the left hand column and then click on any item to see a detailed description of that item and the price. Wholesale prices will be shown after a legitimate proof of you being a retailer such as a VAT-number, resale certificate or business license.

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is one of the most expensive precious metals in the world. It is up to 10 times as expensive as gold. Rhodium has a bright silver colour and is known for its hardness and anticorrosive character. The Rhodium plating gives our clasps a long lasting beautiful surface.

Is the plating of our clasps Nickel free?

Yes all the clasps offered by Claspgarten are Nickel free according to European law and norms EN 1811 and EN 12472

Where does the Claspgarten company get the clasps from?

We get all our clasps from R. Neumann GmbH & Co.KG. This company has produced findings for the international fashion jewellery industry for more than 60 years.. Due to our close cooperation with R. Neumann GmbH & Co. KG we are able to guarantee the highest quality levels of our products.

What is the difference of Neumann clasps compared to other clasps offered in the market?

All our clasps are produced in Germany. That means, among other advantages like functionality and design, that they were produced according to European and in particular to German Quality standards. Claspgarten products are produced paying fair wages to the workforce and comply with European law like the anti nickel legislation and the strong German environmental requirements. Due to the fact that only best base materials and machines are used for production we can offer products that last long and due to the professional plating look nice for a long time .

What is Claspgarten doing to protect our environment?

Fairness is one of our main business principles- including fairness regarding the environment. All our actions are aimed at protecting the environment. So we only sell environmentally safe products and we use environmentally safe packaging material etc.

Why is it that our clasps seam to be more expensive than others found in the market?

Ours are “Made in Germany” with fair wages, high Environmental standards during production (proper waste water disposal etc.), the best base and production materials and therefore, putting it simply, high quality costs more. On the other hand you can be sure that you are buying a long lasting quality product that has been produced with out environmental pollution, child labour, workforce exploitation etc.

Can Claspgarten offer special clasps not found in the Internet shop?

Due to our close collaboration with our manufacturer, in most of the cases we can provide particular or special clasps. We will be glad to advise you. Don´t hesitate to contact us !

What kind of crystal stones are used for your products?

We only use
Crystals from Swarovski®

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