Ein Kunde schrieb am 28.09.2020 12:00:26 :

Dear friends! Thank you so much for your cooperation! I really appreciate your attention and patience! Success and prosperity! Komova Irina.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 01.04.2020 19:04:16 :

The most beautiful clasps in the world. Wunderbar! Margaret Loris

Ein Kunde schrieb am 20.03.2020 11:41:38 :

Vielen lieben Dank für die schnelle, formlose und kulante Hilfe bei der beschädigten Schließe.
Habe heute alles erhalten und bin super zufrieden und glücklich.
Ein toller Kundenservice, den man immer wieder nur loben kann.
Vielen Dank noch einmal.
Liebe Grüße
Claudia Thomas

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 19.02.2020 09:49:00 :

Sehr geehrte Frau B.
Wir haben einen Filter. Wenn Sie auf Schließen-Metall gehen sehen Sie auf Ihrem Bildschirm auf der linken Seite oben, direkt über den abgebildeten Schließen, den sogenannten Schließen-Lotsen. Über diesen haben Sie die Möglichkeit Schließen spezifisch zu suchen. Das heißt, Sie können nach Reihigkeit, Typ, Farbe und Style von Schließen suchen.
Auch wenn Sie ganz am Anfang unserer Startseite sind können Sie dort links oben direkt nach Style suchen.
Auch können Sie beim durchstöbern durch unseren WebShop Ihre Favoriten direkt abspeichern, sobald Sie die Schließe aufrufen können Sie diese unter „Favorit hinzufügen“ abspeichern. Unter der Rubrik „MEINE FAVORITEN“, können Sie dann, dieses später nochmals aufrufen. Wir hoffen Ihnen mit diesen Angaben geholfen zu haben.
Ihr Claspgarten-Team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 16.02.2020 18:03:43 :

Sie haben wunderschöne Schliessen, da leider keinerlei Filterfunktion besteht, ende ich regelmässig nach stundenlangem Suchen überfordert mit leerem Warenkorb. Wenigstens ein Farbfilter wäre wünschenswert.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
C. Bellini

Ein Kunde schrieb am 21.11.2019 13:40:47 :

I have a collection of your gorgeous clasps. I've sold several of my designs using your clasps, and quality really shows! Thank you.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 13.06.2019 14:26:00 :

Hi :)
Yes we do

Ein Kunde schrieb am 03.06.2019 02:25:22 :

Do you ship to the USA?
Thank you

Ein Kunde schrieb am 05.03.2019 20:16:51 :

Love your clasps! I have read about your clasps in various magazines. I will be placing an order soon.
Rose Young
Virginia, USA

Ein Kunde schrieb am 29.07.2018 14:56:17 :

I received my first Claspgarten order this week. WOW,,,, these pieces are better than I imagined they would be. The quality and durability are exceptional. These are a great addition to my jewelry making. Each clasp was packaged individually and neatly and safely sent in a quick manner straight to me. I will definitely be purchasing more from Claspgarten. I hope you just continue to make new and beautiful pieces.
Thank you.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 30.06.2018 01:07:15 :

Greetings Claspgarten team,
I placed my first order this month after seeing one of your clasps on a finished jewelry piece on Pinterest. The unique design and stunning beauty of that clasp brought me to your website. I received my recent order far earlier than I had anticipated and it was packed with such loving care. The quality is outstanding and I will continue to be a loyal customer.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 17.06.2017 13:24:00 :

Hallo zusammen.......
Habe auf der Creativa ein paar Verschlüsse zum testen gekauft. Die Qualität spricht eigentlich für sich!! Dennoch möchte ich erwähnen das diese hervorragend ist!! Auch das Interesse am Kunden ist sehr angenehm. Nicht aufdringlich, sondern sehr freundlich, nett und hilfsbereit. Habe vor drei Tagen eine Bestellung per Internet gemacht und heute ist sie schon da!! Sage mal bis bald.............

Ein Kunde schrieb am 11.05.2017 02:53:07 :

I've been using many of the beautiful Claspgarten clasps for many years now, but this was the first order I placed on my own. WOW! Such prompt service! The package arrived in the U.S. in 8 days, much better than I expected. The clasps were well packed and protected, which I greatly appreciate.
Thank you!
Will definitely be ordering again.
Diane Whiting

Ein Kunde schrieb am 07.04.2017 12:55:05 :

I've used Claspgarten clasps for some time now in my jewellery design work. I use them because they're pieces of design in their own right, are well made and of exceptionally high quality. Claspgarten's service is also excellent.

Mary Weaver

Ein Kunde schrieb am 26.03.2017 22:44:16 :

I am so very pleased with the quality and visual beauty of the clasps I ordered. I will definitely be ordering more.
Delivery was timely which I appreciate as I carry a small inventory of supplies. Some thoughts for additional services: ability to custom order the color of the Swarovski crystal. Would also love matching pierced earrings to match the clasps.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 22.03.2017 06:05:23 :

I am extremely happy with my first purchase from Claspgarten and will definitely be ordering more. I have to admit I was a little concerned because I couldn't track the delivery in Australia but shouldn't have been because my parcel arrived here very quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you so much

Ein Kunde schrieb am 07.03.2017 14:05:31 :

Liebes Claspgarten Team,

Gerade beim Durchlesen des Gästebuchs sah ich auch einige deutsche Kommentare. Und ich fragte mich, ob es möglich wäre, die Mindestquantität eventuell etwas herabzusetzen, eventuell nach einigen Bestellungen über 70 Euro. Ich sah nach der ersten Bestellung noch einiges Interessante, das ich nun extra bestellen muss, bzw warten, bis ich die volle Summe von 70 Euro erreicht habe. Danke sehr für Ihre Antwort!
Aus dem sonnigen schon etwas frühlingshaften Avignon mit
freundlichen Grüssen!

Gabriela Heward

Ein Kunde schrieb am 07.03.2017 13:55:24 :

I'm writing in English, as it seems easier for everyone to read and understand. I'm very pleased about my first order of clasps! Just looking at them is wonderful and I can't wait to see them in my mailbox, touch them and create my jewelry... I'd been looking for dark or even black clasps among others, and it seemed difficult. So now that Ive found 'Claspgarten' I'm so pleased and looking forward to using my new beautiful clasps. I'm living in the South of France, so it may not take that long hopefully.

I'd like to thank you, Karin and Ruth for your precious help and your kindness!
A très bientôt with sunny greetings from Avignon,
Creatively yours,

Gabriela Heward

Ein Kunde schrieb am 01.03.2017 00:31:24 :

Dear Claspgarten,

I received my package in the US. Thank you for being so prompt in packaging the order and sending to your postal service. The products are beautiful and so well made, I am so happy with my purchase.

Yvette Ma

Ein Kunde schrieb am 27.02.2017 20:40:29 :

I received my order today. Just 7 days from your door to mine.
Excellent quality. I could not be happier. I am looking forward to using these clasps on very special jewelry designs.
Although I have only opened one package I am assured by the quality that the other 15 clasps will be perfect.
Thank you for making all of your clasps nickel free.
The plating is top quality and I appreciate your using Swarovski Crystal components. The clasps I ordered with stones are brilliant.
The designs are just what I was looking for.
Thank you for everything.
Best regards,
Margaret Hagopian-Slack. USA.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 17.02.2017 18:23:41 :

I received my order today Feb.18,2017. My order was dispatched on Jan.2. 2017.....took a loooong time to get to the US. Was this normal delivery time?
To answer your questions, since this is my first order.
1. The quality of your clasps are exceptional! I have designed with them in the past, and have always been satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship.
2. Delivery time was a bit long. Hopefully my next order won't take that much time.?
3. With this being my first order, I would have to say I am happy with your services; communication is very good and processing my order was prompt.
Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful clasp gift you sent too! Can't wait to design around that beauty.
Best regards,

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 23.01.2017 11:45:37 :

Dear Robin,
we're glad to hear that you received your goods on time and that you are happy with your order.
And we are waiting in suspense for pictures of your creations.
Greetings to Calgary :)

Ein Kunde schrieb am 22.01.2017 15:42:17 :

I received my order in a timely fashion, to Canada in two weeks, I'm satisfied with that. The quality is what I expected. I have been looking for unusual clasp designs for some time and have noticed your clasps featured on high end, published, well known beader's designs like Sabine Lippert. I figured they're good and they are, very happy with my order. Thank you for the lovely enamel clasp you included free of charge, that was a surprise! So far, I have no suggestions for improved service, you're awesome! I'll be shopping again and I will send photo's of the designs I create using your clasps. Thank you

Ein Kunde schrieb am 02.01.2017 14:31:23 :

Hello everybody,I had my first order a time ago because I wanted to try them out and work with them first before I wanted to write in your guestbook.
I am so happy,the clasps are amazing and so strong and beautifull I really love them and will order again.
Thank so much.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 27.12.2016 08:42:38 :

Thank you Kate for your kind feedback.

We are happy that you are so satisfied with our clasps. What a pity that you have to wait longer for the delivery than usual. Deliveries need to United States average between 7 and 10 days. Because of the Christmas time the shipping workers had surely a lot to do. Nevertheless are we always interested in finding out why some packages need longer than usual. In your case I found out, that your parcel was already on 13. December in your village - that means 13 days after we sent it out. This is especially in the Christmas time an acceptable time and I'm sure that you will agree with me. For some reasons it could not be delivered to you. USPS made the following note on 13th December: "No Authorized Recipient Available." So the parcel could only be delivered to you after a further attempt on 22th December. If there is something we could add to your address Kate, to make sure that future parcels can already be handed over at the first time, please let us know via E-Mail. Be sure Kate, that we will do our very best to satisfy you to the fullest.

Greetings from sunny Bavaria to Florida. May you spent a marvelous New Year 2017, full of health, joy and peace. Karin from the Claspgarten team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 24.12.2016 15:23:26 :

Thank you for our first order. The clasps are gorgeous!!
1. The quality exceeds our expectations.
2. The length of delivery could be shorter - we were very anxious to start working with these and hope our future orders could be expedited.

Many thanks! Kate Santoro, the Yarn Lady

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 05.12.2016 07:42:52 :

Hi Elaine, thank you for this very nice and enjoyable message. Isn't it wonderful if we can feel like children again from time to time? Till now we never had customers from Spain who wrote us, that the post in Spain needs so many days. So I would like to assume, and wish you that this delivery time was an exception. We are already looking for your next visit in our shop. Greetings from very cold Bavaria to Palomares in Spain, certainly with more pleasant temperatures:-) Karin from the Claspgarten team.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 03.12.2016 18:06:10 :

I received my first order from you and I must say I am like a child in a sweet shop. What a delight to open the package and find such beautifully made products. My only negative commen, and this is no fault of Claspgarten,is that the post from Germany to Spain took 9 days. This was because my parcel was stationary in Madrid for 7 days. My parcel was marked as priority post but it seems Spain does not recognise this! Anyway I am extremely happy with my products and the service from Claspgarten. I will certainly buy again.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 28.10.2016 20:59:42 :

I just received my first order and was amazed at how fast it arrived - 4 days, which I thought was pretty good for an international package. The craftsmanship of these clasps is amazing. Lots of people commented on how beautiful your products and they were not complimentary enough. These clasps will definitely add quality to anything made with them. The individual packaging is a real plus as I consider which ones I ought to carry in my shop.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.10.2016 09:50:07 :

Hi Alyxander, thanks for your information about delivery time and feedback about our clasps. Wow: 4 days delivery time from Bavaria Germany to California in the United States of America is establishing a new record! At this point we would like to say a big T H A N K Y O U to all the many hardworking helpers, through whose hands your package also has gone before it arrived with you. Such a magic we can’t accomplish really alone, but we are working on this skill:-) Greetings from today cloudy Bavaria to Windsor California, enjoy your week. Karin from Claspgarten

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 23.09.2016 11:56:17 :

Hallo liebe Tina, wir freuen uns hier sehr über Ihr Feedback, besonders darüber dass unser Shop als persönlich erkannt wird, denn das ist uns hier wirklich sehr wichtig. Uns macht die Arbeit hier bedeutend mehr Freude, wenn wir uns mit all unseren Kunden verbunden fühlen dürfen. Wir machen uns hier immer wieder bewusst, dass hinter jeder Claspgarten Kundennummer ein Mensch steht. E-mails Ihrer Art motivieren uns da sehr. Nun zu Ihrer Anmerkung bezüglich DHL: Wir scheinen unserem Ziel "besser geht es nicht" ja deutlich nahe zu sein, denn gerade wird ganz fleißig an unserem Shop gefeilt und auch die Versandoptionen stehen dabei deutlich im Fokus. Unsere Administratoren sind gerade sehr fleißig beim "Lifting" unseres Shops, doch da "Gut Ding Weile haben will" möchten wir Sie hier noch um etwas Geduld- und um Verständnis bitten. Vielen Dank hierfür im Voraus und einen herzlichen Sonnengruß ins rheinländische Bonn. Möge die Sonne dort ganz verschwenderisch scheinen. Karin vom Claspgarten Team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 22.09.2016 13:40:52 :

Hallo Claspgartenteam,
ihr geht auf Wünsche ein, es ist alles sehr persönlich bei euch, die Schließen sind super, die Lieferzeit war sehr kurz. Ich freue mich, dass ich als Privatkunde (noch) bei euch bestellen kann!! 😃 Wenn jetzt der Versand grundsätzlich über Dhl ginge (also 4,50€), und man den Warenkorb speichern könnte, meine Güte, besser ginge nicht! Ich danke euch für die tolle Betreuung und auch für die kleine Überraschung 👍😃 LG Tina

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 09.09.2016 09:59:15 :

Wow, dear Marika, your joy over your package with our clasps is formally felt here, even though there is a distance from more than 14.000 km beeline between us. Isn't that great that emotions can be so powerfull! We naturally are very happy about your feedback and are already looking forward to serve you again:-) Greetings from sunny Bavaria to Melbourne in Australia, enjoy your weekend. Karin from Claspgarten

Ein Kunde schrieb am 09.09.2016 09:15:46 :

I received today my first ever order from Cladpgarten, and with a little trepidation and excitement I opened my parcel....and immediately it struck me how carefully and methodically everything was packed....but the best part was yet to come. The clasps are meticulously forged, and a work of art in themselves. Beautiful, balanced and superb quality. I look forward to using these beautiful pieces in my work.
Warmest regards,

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 07.09.2016 07:55:24 :

Tack så mycket Iris, for your kind feedback.We are obviously very happy that we found a further regular customer in you and are already looking forward to your next visit in Claspgarten. Greetings from Bavaria to Taby in Sweden, återse :-)

Ein Kunde schrieb am 06.09.2016 13:34:16 :

Dear Claspgarten, So HAPPY with your products and delivery. I bought several pieces but especially one met my high expectation. You have in me found a regular customer, that's for sure.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 06.05.2016 13:48:38 :

Dear Karin,

I must thank Claspgarten again for yet another delivery that arrived in only 3 days to the UK and with a second batch of clasps that are absolutely stunning. Your company definitely delivers on quality and customer service. Claspgarten will forever be my first choice for clasps as they add a touch of elegance to anything they adorn.


Marie Nicholson

Ein Kunde schrieb am 30.04.2016 08:26:53 :

I have to write to say how happy I am with the service and products I have received from you. When ordering online and from a new company it is always with a small amount of trepidation but also hope that the items will look like they do online. Upon opening the package which I have to admit arrived very speedily as it only took 3 days to reach England I was extremely delighted with the contents as the clasps you provide have wonderful craftsmanship and are exquisite. I was also impressed with the customer service I received by email before my order and I also thought the personalised note and pin was a lovely touch. I would definitely recommend your company and now that I have seen the pieces I can't wait to place my next order.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 30.03.2016 04:17:26 :

Greetings from warm rainy Florida. My package of clasps arrived yesterday. I must say that each and every one is beautiful, and arrived very quickly. The packaging was perfect. I do want to thank you for the lovely gift. Claspgarten, you are the best!

Ein Kunde schrieb am 22.03.2016 18:04:21 :

Hallo Claspgarten Team,
nachdem ich mich als privater Neukunde erfolgreich angemeldet habe (war etwas unübersichtlich),habe ich mich über die prompte Lieferung und wirklich gute Qualität der bestellten Verschlüsse gefreut. Zwei sind schon erfolgreich verarbeitet. Gruß aus Kassel!
Heidi Lehmann

Ein Kunde schrieb am 20.03.2016 22:29:00 :


Ich freue mich für unser damaliges Kennenlernen
und bedanke mich für die prompten Lieferungen
diese wunderschönen Schlosschen, rücksichtsvolle
und freundliche Bedienungen und Überraschungs-
Einige Ihre Schlosschen mit Swarowski
bringen mich zurück in meinem Kindheit –
zu beiden Broschen meiner Oma.
(aus fünfzigen Jahren 19 Jahrhundert)

Alles Gutes aus Berlin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 16.03.2016 19:43:35 :

Kindly advise delivery details of my last order as it has not arrived and the order was made several weeks ago. Many thanks, Dany.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 03.03.2016 19:49:59 :

Dear all,
Thank you very much for the fast delivery. Also I would like to share that your products have exceeded my expectations - they are even more beautiful than on the pictures. Only as a recommendation - please send a confirmatiom e-mail that you have received an order.
Best regards,

Ein Kunde schrieb am 01.03.2016 11:15:36 :

Dear Claspgarten-Team, Thank you so much for the fast delivery and excellent quality of the products!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 07.12.2015 07:06:11 :

Liebe Johanna,
vielen Dank für Ihren Gruß aus der idyllischen Drei-Flüsse-Stadt Passau. Es freut uns natürlich, dass Sie mit unseren Verschlüssen sehr zufrieden sind und wir hoffen dass wir Sie bald wieder bei uns in Claspgarten begrüßen- und bedienen dürfen.
Ich wünsche Ihnen und Ihrer Familie eine besinnliche Adventszeit, ein schönes Weihnachtsfest und Gesundheit und Glück für das neue Jahr.
Karin Becker

Ein Kunde schrieb am 06.12.2015 12:38:13 :

Hallo Claspgarten Team

Ich bin sehr begeistert von der Qualität der Verschlüße. Als Designerin freue ich mich sehr diese in meiner Schmuck zum inkorporieren und als Wiederverkäuferin bin ich sehr zufrieden die Verschlüße an meine Kunden zu bieten.

Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung und auch die nette, schnelle Hilfe mit meine Frage!....und natürlich Dankeserklärung für die Überraschungsmoment-Geschenk!

Bis nächste Mal
Viele Grüße
Joanna Weymar, The Beadery

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 25.11.2015 09:58:33 :

Hallo Helga. Vielen Dank für Ihre freundliche Rückmeldung über die wir uns natürlich sehr freuen. Schön, dass wir sie auch weiterhin bei Claspgarten bedienen dürfen. Wir werden uns natürlich bemühen, dass auch weiterhin alles zu Ihrer Zufriedenheit abläuft. Ihre kleine Anregung haben wir gerne entgegengenommen und an die zuständige Stelle weitergeleitet.
Herzliche Grüße nach Titz. Karin Becker

Ein Kunde schrieb am 24.11.2015 18:08:05 :

Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung.Ich bin mit der Qualität der Verschlüsse sehr zufrieden und werde für meine Schmuckkreationen nur noch Verschlüsse von Claspgarten verwenden.
Als kleine Anregung:Es wäre schön,wenn die Mindestbestellmenge etwas herabgesetzt würde.
Viele Grüße
Helga Weiß

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 19.10.2015 07:16:43 :

Herzlichen Dank liebe Iveta, für dein feedback. Wir können hier bei Claspgarten leider kein Slowakisch doch Dank des www konnten wir den Text zumindest ein wenig übersetzten lassen. Es scheint dass auch Sie mit unseren Schließen sehr zufrieden sind, was uns natürlich immer wieder freut zu hören. Schade, wir wären gerne ausführlicher auf ihren Text eingegangen, doch leider scheitert das an unseren Sprachkenntnissen ihrer sicherlich wunderschönen Landessprache. Dennoch freut uns eine solche Nachricht die - da in der Muttersprache verfasst - sicherlich von Herzen zu kommen scheint und unseren Shop hier mit noch mehr Authentizität und Lebendigkeit bereichert.
Herzliche Grüße

Ein Kunde schrieb am 17.10.2015 14:18:58 :

Mily tim! Velmi pekne dakujem za zaslane komponenty.Su uzasne !urcite sa budu vynimat na mojich kuskoch.zacinala som s klasickymi uzavermy...ale po case scerneli a nevyzeralo to dobre.tak mi Vas znama odporucila:-)vase uzavery su naozaj prekrasne.vrela vdaka iveta

Ein Kunde schrieb am 28.08.2015 18:23:18 :

I am happy to be able to access their products by high quality and beautiful designs. I want to congratulate you for the quick delivery. I wish to join the request of another customer of your company, that you offer also earrings as their closures. Thank you and congratulations for their products. Llar of Labors.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 27.08.2015 09:34:53 :

Hallo Mathilde,
klicken Sie bitte auf die kleine Deutsche Fahne, die oben rechts in der Ecke zu sehen ist. Wir freuen uns schon auf Ihren nächsten Besuch bei uns im Claspgarten.
Herzliche Grüße
Karin Becker

Ein Kunde schrieb am 26.08.2015 20:47:13 :

Guten Tag
Können Sie mir sagen, wie ich Ihre Seite auf deutsch ansehnen kann.
Herzlichen Dank für Ihr Information.
Mathilde Schorta

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 17.08.2015 09:50:17 :

Hello Margaret,
what a very kind feedback and how magnificent that your parcel from Germany needs only 4 days to cross the North Atlantic Ocean and to arrive to Chicago! Wow, we are also very impressed. We are already now looking forward to welcome you again at Claspgarten. Enjoy beading and take care. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 16.08.2015 00:22:39 :

Hello Karin! I want to thank you for helping me place my order. Your friendliness and professionalism is awesome. This is my first order from you and I am so impressed with the high quality and craftsmanship of all your clasps. Something you can be very proud about. What impressed me the most is that my package arrived in 4 days! I will be back...

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.08.2015 11:05:22 :

Buenos dias, Neus:
Muchas gracias por su mensaje.
Estamos muy contentos de que usted está satisfecho con nuestro servicio.
Que tengas un buen día

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 06.07.2015 07:20:18 :

Hello Elena,
we are very happy that you are satisfied with our clasps again. Of course your enthusiasm -that we can read from your lines - will incites us to continue doing the best to satisfy our customers. Greetings from Bavaria to Moscow, enjoy your week.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 04.07.2015 18:22:39 :

Today I got my clasps. Very good! The clasps, as always are simply beautiful and the packaging is great. Thank you for the beautiful gift! Claspgarten is really the greatest.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 29.06.2015 11:24:04 :

Hi Angie,
I'm actually surprised that you received your order so fast, because the German post is partly on strike since a few weeks.
So luckily your parcel wasn\'t strike-bound :) Have a good time in your sunny place and thanks for your kind compliments.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 27.06.2015 18:49:48 :

My order was placed on June 22. Today is June 26th and I can't believe me order has arrived to hot sunny Florida. The clasps, as always are simply beautiful and the packaging is great. Thank you for the beautiful gift! Claspgarten is really the greatest.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 07.04.2015 12:21:23 :

Dear Elizabeth,
many thanks for your kind comment. Maybe one day you can send us a picture of your creations for our gallery.
Sunny regards from southern Germany to the United States.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 05.04.2015 22:12:33 :

Well,... I just reiterate all the messages from other customers and just add,"WOWza". The photos don't say it all. The clasps are focal pieces to create and design jewelry around them. Thank you & thank you for the thoughtful gifts.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 20.03.2015 09:05:36 :

Hello Fatima,
thanks for your very kind feedback. The flowers on the display are sprouting just now a thousand times and full of colors out here in Bavaria. Particularly the daffodils will stock up our numerous fields over and over with this fresh yellow color, so that you have to come in a spring time mood:-)
"...And then my heart with pleasures fills, and dances with the daffodils" by William Wordsworth

Ein Kunde schrieb am 19.03.2015 18:42:32 :

I just received my new clasps and a beautiful display... they are perfect to be part of my kits. Some of them I hadn't seen before and they are perfect as well.
By the way, Claspgarten display is just the right size, good material and great design. Danke, liebe Menschen
Grüße von einem sonnigen Tag Florida - Strand Tag !!!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 09.03.2015 08:24:19 :

Hi Elena,
the minimum order quantity for retail shops is € 100 and € 70 for end consumers per each order.
Greetings from Bavaria - in spring time - to Moscow, enjoy beading.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 07.03.2015 20:25:46 :

Good afternoon! Please tell me the minimum order. How many euros?
Thank U!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 16.01.2015 09:27:12 :

Another message…another feedback about our beautiful clasps.
Great pleasure with you Fatima, as always. WE thank YOU!
Regards to rainy (but warm) Florida:-)

Ein Kunde schrieb am 16.01.2015 08:55:29 :

Another package... another bunch of beautiful clasps.
Great job as always. Thank you!
Regards from a rainy (but warm) Florida.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 10.12.2014 11:46:55 :

Liebe Irina,
herzlichen Dank für Ihre freundliche Rückmeldung.Besonders freuen würden wir uns, wenn Sie uns Bilder Ihrer fertigen Schmuchstücke senden könnten, damit wir sie in unsere Gallerie stellen können.
Viel Spaß in Ihren kreativen Stunden wünscht Ihnen

Ein Kunde schrieb am 10.12.2014 09:46:18 :

Hallo liebes Team,
meine Erstbestellung und die Rabattaktion hat wirklich einwandfrei funktioniert.Die Verschlüsse werden die Schmuckstücke noch mehr aufwerten.Ich bin froh auch ein Produkt aus Deutschland in der Hand zu haben und das zeigt die Qualität.Gute Qualität ist immer etwas teurer,doch diese wird gerne bezahlt.Es ist fatal,wenn man Stunden in sein Schmuckstück investiert und dann nur einen einfachen Verschluss anbringt.
Liebe Grüße aus der Haupstadt Irina

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.12.2014 12:25:15 :

Hello Fatima,
such a kind feedback from you that makes us happy! And you ... as always very friendly and very appreciative for our products and services. Visit our shop whenever you want to do, we are already looking forward.
Greetings from foggy Bavaria to sunny Florida, enjoy your week. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 29.11.2014 02:52:56 :

Hello Young Claspgarten-Team,
I always have fun opening a box full of clasps. Wonderful!
Everything right, everything beautiful, everything perfect as always. Thank you very much.
Regards from Florida, the Sunshine State.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 28.11.2014 10:03:20 :

Hi Hilly, hartelijk dank for your very kind message. Only one day, that is really fast, so we have also to thank the postman of German Post:-)We are very happy to read that you will come definitely back and already looking for your next visit at Clasgarten. Greetings from Bavaria to Amsterdam, enjoy your weekend.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 27.11.2014 15:18:18 :

Hello Claspgarten-team,

Ordered on Monday and received the parcel at Thursday, really fast.
The clasps look beautiful and are to my expectation. Also the free gift is greatly appreciated.
Will definitely come back!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 16.10.2014 07:19:33 :

Hi Angie,
greetings from the sunshine state are very welcome in today rainy Bavaria:-) Enjoy our clasps and be sure, we will go on to satisfy you also in the future.
Happy beading and all the best.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 15.10.2014 18:17:10 :

Greetings once again from the sunshine state. My order arrived yesterday, and I want to thank you for your promptness. Again it took about a week to get here. I was extremely happy with all the clasps. It is always a pleasure doing business with Claspgarten.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 06.10.2014 10:10:31 :

Hello Heidi,
thanks for your message. We are happy that you like the quality of our clasps and that we will be able to serve you again in the future. Very kind regards to Sheffield in the United Kingdom, enjoy your week.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 02.10.2014 23:32:02 :

Received my first order and am delighted, the quality is superb - I will definitely order again. The little hand written note and free gift were a very nice touch. Thank You

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 18.09.2014 10:14:27 :

Hello again, Angie,
many thanks for your kind feedback.We're always surprised how quickly the post works and we're happy to hear that you are satisfied with our clasps.Hope you'll find a nice place for the display board :)
All the best from sunny Germany

Ein Kunde schrieb am 17.09.2014 23:14:24 :

Once again, hello from Sunny Florida. I was so happy to received my order today. It took less than a week! The packaging was great and of course the clasps are simply beautiful. The display board is really great. And so was the surprise gift. Many thanks I love Claspgarten Angie

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 20.08.2014 09:48:43 :

Hello Danielle,
thank you for your enthusiastic reply. Of course we are very happy that we were able to satisfy you with the quality of our clasps and delivery time. A convert into corresponding currencies on our website is very difficulty and inaccurately, simply because of the course fluctuations. So far, we have therefore decided not to offer such a possibility. Nevertheless we will continue to keep your suggestion in mind. Perhaps the site can support for future orders to calculate with current course.
Greetings from today cloudy Bavaria to Quebec in Canada, enjoy beading. Karin

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 20.08.2014 09:47:32 :

Hallo Asrid,
vielen Dank für Ihre freundliche Rückmeldung. Sie dürfen uns gerne Fotos Ihrer Schmuckstücke für unsere Galerie der Designs per Email senden.
Herzliche Grüße nach Püttlingen

Ein Kunde schrieb am 19.08.2014 16:56:34 :

Hello from Quebec, Canada
I was very satisfied with the quality of the clasps.Best quality ever purchased from any other bead suppliers.
I was very happy it only took 6 working days to receive my order in Canada. Which is a lot faster then other delivery services.
As an improvement, there might be an application on your site that would convert euros into CAD$.
These products are very satisfactory.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 19.08.2014 14:00:28 :

Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung.
Die Schließen sind sehr schön und sie werden meine Arbeit im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes zu einem "Schmuckstück" machen. Herzlichen Dank.
Viele Grüße von Astrid

Ein Kunde schrieb am 30.07.2014 15:43:56 :

Liebe Grüße aus dem gerade regnerischen Bayerischen Wald,
wollte mich für Eure Lieferung und das schöne Geschenk bedanken. Habe mich darüber sehr gefreut! Die Verschlüsse sind superschön!
Wenn meine Projekte fertig sind, werde ich sie für Eure tolle Galerie zur Verfügung stellen. Liebe Grüße

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 29.07.2014 07:15:16 :

Hi Angie,
thanks for your feedback from Sunny Florida. We are delighted that you are so very pleased with our clasps and have received your package so fast. We are already looking forward to your next visit at Claspgarten and send greetings from an awaking Bavaria to Florida. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 29.07.2014 05:49:48 :

Hello from Sunny Florida. I put my first order in to Claspgarten a week ago and was so happy to received my order one week later. The packing was excellent and the clasps are absolutely beautiful and are of excellent quality . Thank you so much. I am beyond happy with Claspgarten. And of course, thank you for my surprise gift. Love it!
Angie Fiore

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 18.07.2014 11:53:06 :

Hallo Britt,
es freut uns dass Sie Ihre Schließen bereits erhalten haben und wir wünschen Ihnen Gutes Gelingen bei Ihren Schmuckstücken. Vielleicht schicken Sie uns ja einmal Fotos Ihrer Kreationen für unsere Gallerie zu.
Herzliche Grüße aus einem sehr warmen Allgäu hoch nach Leipzig. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 17.07.2014 18:27:53 :

Habe heute zum ersten Mal bestellt und bin super zufrieden. Sehr schnelle Lieferung und die Rückzahlung des Rabattbetrages (25%-Aktion)hat ebenfalls super geklappt. Freue mich schon auf die weitere Verarbeiterung der Schließen und die nun fertig werdenden Projekte. LG aus Leipzig Britt

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 07.07.2014 10:28:09 :

Liebe Jutta,

scön zu hören, dass Sie mit unserem Service und unseren Verschlüssen so zufrieden sind.Weiterhin viel Vergnügen beim "Fädeln".
Herzliche Grüße aus dem Allgäu

Ein Kunde schrieb am 04.07.2014 21:11:38 :

Vielen dank für die super schnelle Bearbeitung und Lieferung. Die Magnetschliessen aus Acryl zum einkleben in drei verschiedenen Groessen sind genau das was ich gesucht habe. Habe zwei grosse verarbeitet, einfach toll. Vielen Dank für das kleine Geschenk
Danke nochmals

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.07.2014 08:21:32 :

Hello Ernestine,

thanks for your email If you are a retail shop and want to qualify for wholesale pricing you only need to send your current retail license via email to identify you as an active retailer. Your resale license does not have to be registered or provided with our company. We are already looking forward to you next visit in our shop.

Greetings from today sunny Bavaria to California, enjoy your day. Karin

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.07.2014 07:35:44 :

Guten Morgen Caro,
herzlichen Dank für deine Rückmeldung.Deine Freude kommt hier bei uns spürbar an, bereichert- und motiviert uns. Wir sind schon gespannt welche Schmuckstücke da von dir erschaffen werden wollen und werden diese gerne in unserer Gallerie zeigen. Liebe Grüße nach Zell. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 01.07.2014 07:22:18 : is my registered email address with However, my resale license had not been registered with your company. I am having great difficulty attempting to do so. I am asking for your assistance with this matter.

Thank you,

The Wilson Collection

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 16.05.2014 09:09:45 :

Hi Sandra,
welcome in our shop and thanks for your message in which you let us know that it is hard for you to figure out the pricing in your currency. Surely it would be supportive for our customers to see our prices in their own currency. We only show prices in Euro because of the price volatility and we ask for understanding Sandra. At this moment you can deduct the displayed price in Euro with about one-quarter to get the dollar price roughly. Please use the following exchange rate to get an idea of the prices in US$ :1 US $ = approx. 0,73 Euros,or 1 € = 1,37 US$ US$. If you use the link: you are able to calculate with a current course. Hoping this will support you and that we will be able to welcome you as a further new customer of Claspgarten, we send greetings from today cloudy Bavaria to Horseshoe Bay in the United States of America. Have a weenend full of joy. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 16.05.2014 07:57:41 :

Hello, I've tried to figure out how the pricing is for the American (English) setting. Is everything listed in British Pounds or ??? ...It's hard to figure out the pricing. Please help me understand. I "Love" ALL of your inventory!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 08.04.2014 07:15:12 :

Hello Karen,
thank you for your email and we are happy that you have received the clasp in time so that Amy was able to wear a fitting bracelet on her wedding. And we are of course interested in photos. The best way is to send photos via email as a JPG-file and ideally in a full scare, so that we will not have to cut that sometimes leads to distortions. So we are looking forward to receive photos and perhaps with a little breeze of American wedding culture. Please tell Amy that we subsequently are sending our very best wishes to her wedding. Greetings from awaking Bavaria to Florida, enjoy your life. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 08.04.2014 01:21:51 :

Dear Claspgarten team,
I purchased a clasp from you back last September 2013 I used it for a bracelet for my daughters wedding. We were so pleased with your customer service and your product. I would love to send you a photo of the finished project, if you will tell me how to do that

THanks again
Karen Blaszyk

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 20.03.2014 11:06:02 :

Hi Pat, thanks for your feedback. We are also happy that you are satisfied with our clasps and that we will have a further opportunity to serve you again in the future. We are already looking forward to your next visit at Claspgarten.
Greetings from a sunny Bavaria to California, enjoy your life and enjoy beading.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 19.03.2014 16:53:21 :

Hi, Just received the clasps I ordered and am very happy with the quality of them. Thank you also for the surprise gift. I am sure I will be ordering from you again.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 28.02.2014 10:39:00 :

Liebe Frau Mallok,
herzlichen Dank für Ihre nette Rückmeldung. Wir freuen uns sehr,dass Sie mit unserem Service und unseren Verschlüssen zufrieden sind.Die von Ihnen bestellten Acryl-Magnetschließen haben wir auch noch eine Nummer kleiner in unserem Sortiment (Artikel-Nummer 1z021/17).
Liebe Grüße nach Brackel-genießen Sie Ihr Wochenende

Ein Kunde schrieb am 27.02.2014 15:25:19 :

Hallo nach Kaufleuten,

vielen Dank für die superschnelle Lieferung der Schließen. Ich hatte ja hauptsächlich die Acryl-Magnetschließen bestellt, die gefallen mir von der Qualität sehr gut. Sie fühlen sich auch gut an. Aber im ersten Moment war ich allerdings doch etwas erstaunt das die Schließen insgesamt sehr groß ausfallen. Vielleicht gibt es eine Möglichkeit sie etwas zierlicher herzustellen. Ansonsten habe ich mich zu dem persönlichen Gruß und dem kleinen Geschenk sehr gefreut, so ein Paket erhält man nicht alle Tage.
Herzliche Grüße
Karin Mallok

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 17.01.2014 09:34:26 :

Dear Mrs. Walker,
when you have signed in, you have two little flags on the upper right corner of our page.Just click on the American flag and everything will appear in English.
All the best from Germany

Ein Kunde schrieb am 16.01.2014 22:02:14 :

Hi, My name is Kelly Walker and I have an account with you. The problem Im having is when I sign in Everything turns to a different language. How to I set the words in English? Thanks, Kelly Walker

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 22.11.2013 07:22:34 :

Dear Marlene,
thanks so very much for your kind praise on our clasps and our service. That shows us that we are on the right way and keeps us doing our best to satisfy you.
Very kind regards and have a nice day. Ruth

Ein Kunde schrieb am 21.11.2013 16:51:04 :

Dear Sir or Madam,
I received my parcel from you today it arrived in England safe and sound. I am thrilled with all my clasps, they are excellent quality. Delivery was very fast and well packed. Already I am preparing my next order as I can see I will be ordering more from you. Thank you also for the little surprise enclosed.
Kind Regards and thank you

Ein Kunde schrieb am 29.10.2013 11:50:18 :

Dear claspgarten team (I wish I knew your names :( )

I just received my first order and I can't tell you how delighted I am with the quality and unique design of each product! I love every piece. I was really surprised how fast I received my order, I think it was less than a week from Germany to US, wow! Very very happy to have found you and looking forward to doing more business with you. Keep it up!

Many thanks and have a wonderful week.


PS. Thank you for the beautiful gift.


Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 21.10.2013 07:48:41 :

Hello Ginny,
because of security reasons we do not offer a tool to change passwords in our shop. Please send us an email with your old and your new password and we will exchange. Greetings from Bavaria to New Jersey, enjoy your week. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 20.10.2013 22:24:36 :

How do I change my e-mail address? I see that I can change my password, but not my email

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 04.10.2013 13:10:43 :

Dear Maggie,
thanks so very much for your message. We're pleased to hear that you are so happy with your bargain.
So enjoy your day and greetings from cloudy Germany

Ein Kunde schrieb am 03.10.2013 11:08:31 :

Hello all at Claspgarten. Thank you once again for the speedy receipt of my latest order. As usual I am delighted with everything but especially with my first order of a 'bargain bulk pack' of clasps. They are all beautiful, 21 clasps of which 15 include Swarovski Elements. I am very impressed. They are definitely a true bargain. Regards today from a very wet part of Scotland. Maggie

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.10.2013 05:21:39 :

Hello Mojdeh,
we are happy that you have received our clasps so fast. Your kind feedback is a motivation for us continuing our endeavors to process our customer's orders quickly. Everything else is - as you have choosen - in the hands of German Post. Also we are looking forward to serve you again and............we surely will keep it up ;-)
Enjoy your day. Karin

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 27.08.2013 07:00:16 :

Hi Thuy, wow..........One week to Canada is great! We are always happy when our clasps arrives quickly at our customers - never mind where in this world and never mind if they have to pass for instance the Atlantic, the Pacific or other oceans. Thanks for your kind feedback and be welcome to send photos from your future designs to place in our gallery of designs. Happy beading Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 26.08.2013 18:48:41 :

Thank you! We received our order in excellent condition. Delivery was quick - one week to Canada. Thank you for the kind note and the present. What a nice surprise to receive the package so quickly.
The clasps are beautiful and of high quality. I look forward to incorporate them in my designs.
I will definitely re-order very soon.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 23.08.2013 09:42:13 :

Hallo Anne-Marie,
herzlichen Dank für das begeisterte und insbesondere ehrliche feedback. Als Kundin innerhalb Deutschlands kann es für Sie - abhängig vom Gewicht und der Größe des Paketes - günstiger sein, Ihre Ware mit UPS schicken zu lassen. Zu bedenken ist hierbei allerdings, dass UPS Standard Pakete innerhalb Deutschlands immer erst am nächsten Werktag abholt. Falls Sie also Donnerstags Nachmittags oder Freitags bestellen, können wir Ihre Ware dann nicht - wie sonst meist üblich - am gleichen Tag verschicken, sondern erst am darauffolgenden Werktag. Einfach am Ende des Bestellvorgangs "UPS" als Versandoption auswählen.
Herzliche Grüße aus dem sonnigen Süden hoch ins Rheinland. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 21.08.2013 17:27:05 :

Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung der wunderschönen Verschlüsse. Ich bin begeistert. Kleiner Kritikpunkt, die etwas hohen Versandkosten.
Gefreut habe ich mich über das "kleine Dankeschön", das meiner Bestellung beilag.

Grüsse aus dem Rheinland

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 16.07.2013 10:03:51 :

latha math dear Maggie, we are happy that you have recieved our clasps so fast and that you are delighted with them. We are already looking forward to your next visit in our shop. Greetings from a sunny Bavaria to Scottland, beannachd leat Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 15.07.2013 11:49:15 :

Hello all at Claspgarten. My first order arrived this morning to Scotland and I am absolutely delighted with the clasps and loops. The quality is excellent...just what I was hoping to purchase. Delivery was very fast as I only ordered 5 days ago. Already I am preparing my next order as I foresee that I will purchase from you often. Thank you also for the little surprise enclosed. Maggie. Maggie's Cottage Crafts.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 15.04.2013 11:05:58 :

Liebe Erna,
schön zu hören, dass Sie mit unserem Service so zufrieden sind. Viel Vergnügen mit Ihren Schließen.
Sonnige Grüße aus dem Allgäu nach Wien

Ein Kunde schrieb am 12.04.2013 13:12:09 :

Meine Bestellung wurde sehr professionell abgewickelt. Das Paket mit den wunderschönen Verschlüssen war in wenigen Tagen bei mir. Sehr aufmerksam auch die persönliche Anrede und das schöne Geschenk. Gerne werde ich Sie wieder beauftragen. Schöne Grüße aus Wien, Erna

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 10.04.2013 07:14:34 :

Konnichi Wa dear Miyako,
and thanks for your very kind message. It is always a great pleasure to imagine our messages arrives at places which are so far away and are nevertheless able to let us be near for a moment, not only as buisiness partners, not only as client numbers, but as people who share the same home with us: The earth! Isn't that a beautiful thought? Happy Beading :-) Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 09.04.2013 11:26:38 :

I received a package with your products in it today. It came so much earlier than I thought it would be which was quite a nice surprise. The clasps I ordered are so beautiful and look very well made. Thank you for your message in Japanese character which was very cool thing to do and I really loved to read it!

Thank you and I will definitely shop with you again.


Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 02.04.2013 07:53:48 :

Hello Sabah,
we are happy that you received your clasps so quick and that you are content with the high quality of our clasps. Because of our so extensive range of clasps you will surely understand that we can not offer matching earrings to all of our clasps. Nevertheless we will continue to keep track of your request and include in our considerations - relating to the product range. May be some of our earrings, which are already now in our assortment, will fit to your clasps. If you click to Products/ semi finished items/ findings / earrings, you will find some earrings which can be designed according to your personal taste.
Greetings from Bavaria - where snow has FINALLY stopped falling - to Texas, enjoy your day.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 30.03.2013 07:53:39 :

It is a great plesure for us, dear Bernice, receiving your feedback and reading that you like our products as well as our customer service. We will do our very best to keep you happy in the future, so do not hesitate to order again:-) Greetings across the ocean to Canada - from a still snowy Bavaria (when will finally spring will come back?), enjoy your weekend. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 29.03.2013 13:35:52 :

I have just received my first order and delivery to Canada was quick, took about 12 days for me to get them. The quality of the clasps, the plating and the Swarovski crystals make for a very beautiful clasp, just like in the pictures. Your customer service is great and I will definitely be ordering from you again!!!!
With thanks and best wishes, Bernice....Cattelya Designs.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 01.03.2013 00:37:53 :

Thank you for the great quality and beautiful designs of your clasps. I enjoyed choosing from the different designs. I do appreciate the fast delivery of my order. And I wish you could provide matching earrings for your clasps, that would be really great. Thank you again and I will be back with another order soon. Sabah

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 22.02.2013 11:22:21 :

Hello Fatima,
feedbacks like yours are always welcome:-)We REALLY like satisfying our customers and have great pleasure with all of our customers. so enjoy your weekend and take care:-) Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 22.02.2013 02:03:11 :

I received my package yesterday and I'm very happy w/ the clasps, earring wires and cabochons I have ordered.
Some pieces are gold plated and some rhodium plated and all of them look terrific.
Now I know what "real gold plated" really means.
Your Customer Service is great and made me to feel a V.I.P. Thanks a lot!
It's my first order, and definitely not my last one.
1. The quality of the clasps correspond w/ my expectations.
2. It took 14 days to get at my door. Pretty good!
3. Please keep available the item 10000/00 x1 .
4. Thank you for the bonus gift. I love it!

Best Regards,

She Walks in Crystal
Fatima Mensen-Potter
Bradenton, FL - USA

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 14.02.2013 12:46:19 :

Kiitoksia paljon Marja, for your feedback and thanks for your further order. We are always happy to serve you. Greetings from a beautiful Bavaria with many snow and a marvelous sun to Finland.
Näkemiin Karin:-)

Ein Kunde schrieb am 14.02.2013 08:26:06 :


Just a quick note for you to thank the good quality, pretty clasps, quick service and fast delivery. I can tell that I'm a happy customer who just made the second order.

Kind Regards
Marja Allanmaa

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 25.01.2013 07:38:08 :

Hi Christine,
because of security reasons we do not offer a possibility to change passwords in our shop. Please send us your new- and your old password via email and we will replace.
Greetings from a very cold Bavaria to Indiana, enjoy your day.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 24.01.2013 12:16:21 :

How do I change my email address for my Claspgarten account?

Christine Anderson
Old Email:

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 04.01.2013 12:22:18 :

Hello Mrs. Pascucci, thanks for your feedback - Dank u voor uw vriendelijke antwoord - which let us start full of motivation in the New Year 2013. Enjoy the New Year to the fullest- Geniet van het jaar 2013. Karin from Claspgarten, born in Aachen, very close to the border of the Netherlands

Ein Kunde schrieb am 04.01.2013 10:55:58 :

I received my order yesterday. The clasps are beautiful. User friendly website, prompt, excellent service. It's my first order, and definitely not my last one.
And thank you for the bonus gift <3.

Kind regards,
Aisha Belle Bijoux
Groningen, The Netherlands

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 27.11.2012 10:59:32 :

Hello Althea,

please log in first. After that, by clicking on the jewelry you like, you will see the item number under "used articles". With a further click to this number you will reach the basket and see more details.

Enjoy your day

Ein Kunde schrieb am 27.11.2012 02:34:51 :

How do I find the clasps that are on the designers finished pieces?

Althea, USA

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 21.11.2012 11:16:53 :

Un grand merci d’une Bavière ensoleillèe, vers Marseille dans notre pays voisin français, chère Yvonne.
Savourez votre jour et profitez de l'automne. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 21.11.2012 10:48:07 :

Bonjour de Marseille
Merci beaucoup pour votre livraison, les articles sont toujours très beaux!!!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 22.10.2012 06:38:46 :

Hello Lisa, thanks for your further order which is already on tour to you. A special thanks for this, that you have appointed us to your favorite company to buy clasps. We are of course very happy about this award:-)Greetings to Washington, enjoy your week.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 19.10.2012 20:11:12 :

I just placed another order with my favorite company to buy clasps!!!!! thank you Very much!!!!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 16.10.2012 06:02:47 :

Hi Ruby,
you are trying now to order at claspgarten over a week and without success. I can really understand that you are tired to go on with these annoying efforts. You surely wish to have facileness in ordering and to order quickly and save. I apologize that your first contact with Claspgarten starts so unhappy. I have just checked if you have ever sent us an email to inform us but could not find any email from you. So Ruby, I really wish I would have known earlier from your unsuccessful efforts to save your time and to satisfy you. Nevertheless are we very grateful that you now let us know, so that we will have the possibility to check the problem because we are very interested to make our shop more and more comfortable. You have given us a very interesting and important information which we will discuss with our administrator and with the management. At this moment, the only way to leave the enlarged pictures, that I know is, to click on the arrow which is shown left from the field with the URL. I will send you an email with a detailed explanation and a photo today. We again apologize, Ruby and we will do our very best to satisfy you. We would be very happy to serve you so that we will have still another enthusiastic customer in Florida who is convinced of the quality of our clasps and of our customer service. Greetings from Bavaria with a “golden October sun” to the United States of America, enjoy your day. Karin from Claspgarten

Ein Kunde schrieb am 16.10.2012 04:04:59 :

How do I prevent losing the items that I put in my shopping cart? I have been trying for over one week now to place an order. Unfortunately, if I click an item to enlarge it so I can see it, I always loose everything in the cart so I have to start all over again. Please tell me how to avoid losing my orders because I am tired of doing the same thing over and over again. How do I get back to the main page after clicking to enlarge an item?
Thank you,

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 20.09.2012 08:09:25 :

Hallo Freia,
vielen Dank für das begeisterte Feedback. Vielleicht wollen Sie uns nach dem Verarbeiten unserer Schließen Fotos von Ihren Schmuckstücken senden?
Herzliche Grüße hoch ins Rheinland

Ein Kunde schrieb am 20.09.2012 05:57:47 :

Ich bin begeistert von Euren hochwertigen Verschlüssen und freue mich schon auf´s Verarbeiten! Das Päckchen war superschnell bei mir. Danke dafür und auch für das kleine Extra!
Liebe Grüße
Freia Schröder

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 19.09.2012 09:28:26 :

Hallo Susanne,
es freut uns immer wieder, so wohlwollende Emails zu erhalten, die uns stets motivieren. Ein herzliches Dankeschön dafür.
Grüße aus dem Süden Deutschlands hinauf nach Niedersachsen.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 19.09.2012 09:13:43 :

Meine Bestellung ist soeben angekommen. Schnell - mit einem kleinen Geschenk und einem freundlichen Gruß - und in höchster Qualität!
Es macht Freude bei Euch zu bestellen und Eure Pakete zu empfangen.
Herzliche Grüße
Susanne Gigas

Ein Kunde schrieb am 30.08.2012 15:09:34 :

The clasps are beautiful, I am very happy. It's my first order but not the last one.
Thank you so much
Yvonna from France

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 07.08.2012 07:30:06 :

Hi Rebekah,
we are also glad that you have found our store and that you now are a further customer of Claspgarten:-).
Greetings from a windy but finally sunny Bavaria to Whistler in Canada from Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 06.08.2012 18:30:47 :


I've been looking for clasps like these for over 2 glad to have found your store!
I was amazed by how quickly my first order arrived and with a little gift too.
Best wishes from B.C, Canada

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 03.08.2012 09:48:55 :

Dear Suzie,
it's very pleasing to know that you are so happy with our clasps. So have a terrific beading time !!!
Best regards to Madison

Ein Kunde schrieb am 02.08.2012 22:34:14 :

My second shipment of your clasps has arrived to Mississippi and I am again thrilled with their beauty! What fun I am having creating jewlery with them! You have got a long-term customer in me!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.08.2012 05:14:18 :

Salut Yvonna,
nous sommes heureux de votre réponse et attendons nouveau pour votre prochaine visite ici en Claspgarten.
Jusqu'alors, j'essaie de continuer à améliorer mon français:-) Savourez votre week-end.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 17.07.2012 09:10:13 :

Hello Lisa,nice to hear/read from you and very nice to hear that you love our clasps. Greetings to Washington in the United States of Amerika, enjoy your day and go on beading. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 16.07.2012 23:14:54 :

thank you so much!!!
I LOVE your clasps!!!!!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 16.07.2012 11:55:56 :

Hi Julie,
thanks for your nice and motivating email. Don`t stop yourself to order in the future:-)and have much fun by creating jewellry with our clasps. Enjoy your day.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 13.07.2012 16:36:30 :

Truly beautiful craftsmanship in every clasp I received! I had to stop myself from ordering "one of each"!! I will definitely be a returning customer in the near future.
Julie Anstaett

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 06.02.2012 07:40:20 :

Hello Piera,
we are very happy receiving your very kind feedback. Emails like yours give us a high motivation to go on with our customer service in this way and to do our very best every day. Thanks very much. Greetings from a very cold Bavaria to Australia - surely a bit warmer:-)

Ein Kunde schrieb am 05.02.2012 04:58:14 :

Thankyou so much to all the claspgarten workers. I have found a very friendly, caring and professional group of people. wow what great service along with caring for the customer. My parcel arrived quickly and with the most outstanding clasps I have ever seen. I know my customers will be very pleased with the quality and workmanship of these stunning clasps. Well done to you all, especially Ruth a Big thankyou to you for your assistance. Piera

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 27.12.2011 10:19:18 :

Dear Kim,

many thanks for your kind feedback about our clasps.
I'll pass it over to our craftsmen :)
Very kind regards from sunny Germany to Yankton with all the best wishes for the New Year 2012!!!

Ein Kunde schrieb am 23.12.2011 20:51:47 :

Dear Claspgarten Team,
My order arrived very quickly, and I am extremely happy with the quality of the clasps I received! Superb craftsmanship!
Kim Boeckman
Yankton, SD.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 11.11.2011 08:29:06 :

Liebe Christine,
für dein feedback bedanke ich mich sehr und auch Ruth wird sich sicherlich darüber freuen.Herzliche Grüße aus einem nebligen Allgäu. Genieße das Wochenende in Luxemburg. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 10.11.2011 11:42:00 :

Hallo Karin,Ruth..
Ich bin sehr stolz dass ihr meine Creationen in die Galerie der Designs aufgenommen habt.
Bin so happy darüber dass ich euch alle glatt KNUDELN
Ihr seid ein super Team weiter so.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 17.10.2011 08:44:38 :

Vielen Dank Chris, für Ihre freundliche Rückmeldung. Wir freuen uns, dass wir Sie mit unseren Magnetschließen unterstützen können, Ihre Kunden zufrieden zu stellen! Sonnige Grüße nach Luxemburg

Ein Kunde schrieb am 17.10.2011 06:26:20 :

Hallo Liebes claspgarten Team

Ich kann nur Lob Euch überbringen.Toll finde ich die Magnetschliessen.
Da Ich mehrere Kunden kenne die Probleme mit den Armen habe und somit Schwierigkeiten vorweisen normale Verschlüsse zu schliessen.,kommen mit euren Magnetverschlüssen sehr gut klar.

Also herzlichen DANK von Chris

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 19.08.2011 09:39:11 :

Dear Vivienne,

I'm very happy to hear that the clasps correspond to your expectations and it's really amazing how quickly delivery sometimes works.Maybe you can send us a picture of your creation with our clasp - that would be fantastic!!

Have a great day

Ein Kunde schrieb am 17.08.2011 14:52:24 :

Delighted with my first order. The quality of your clasps does indeed meet with my expectations and delivery was very speedy, arriving Tuesday 16th August, only three working days. Thank you too for my lovely surprise, such a beautiful clasp, I am already planning my beads and stones for that!!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 08.08.2011 10:33:44 :

Hello Deborah,
thanks for your answer to our poll about customs duties. This way you have supported us to optimize our customs service. ENJOY YOUR WEEK! Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 05.08.2011 16:48:12 :

Very pleased with the order I received, I had no problems with customs, the order arrived quickly, with no problems whatsoever! Thank you for your beautiful products and great service.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 05.08.2011 08:16:33 :

Hi Pascale,
I am very glad that we managed again to satisfy you and are already looking forward to your next visit in our shop!
Greetings from a cloudy Bavaria to our neighboring country Belgium,
enjoy the summer!

Ein Kunde schrieb am 04.08.2011 19:26:31 :

Dear Claspgartenteam,

Thanks a lot for the very good service that you provide me as a cusyomer. As usual your clasp are magnificant, the package arrives correct and on time and it's always a pleasure to find a gift in the package which I really appreciate. I like to buy from your store.

Pascale Van Goethem

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.08.2011 06:36:16 :

Hello Dotty,
thank you very much for this feedback. Be sure Dotty, that we will do our very best to satisfy you again in the future. We are looking forward to your next visit in our shop.

Enjoy your day

Ein Kunde schrieb am 29.07.2011 19:34:00 :

Yes, you are magnificent! Your products are beautiful and unique. The craftsmanship is excellent as well. I will continue to purchase from your store. Than you for being so prompt in your delivery. Dotty Treisner, PhD

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 18.07.2011 07:54:15 :

Dear Mrs. Donnahee,

Many thanks for the kind praising of our clasps and service. That encourages us to keep on doing our best to satisfy our customers. Are you already busy with creating ? We'd be very pleased if you'd send us pictures of your creations that we could show in our design gallery.
Have a terrific time

Ein Kunde schrieb am 15.07.2011 00:09:16 :

Dear Clapsgarten Team,
The quality and craftmenship of your clasps have exceeded my expectation! I can't wait to create beautiful jewelry with those clasp as focal points. Was very impressed with delivery time. And your token of appreciation was such a wonderful surprise. Many Thanks. Your service and courtesy is beyond exceptional. Looking forward to a long relationship.
Caroline Donnahee

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 14.07.2011 08:54:49 :

Hi Kathleen, we are very happy that you have received our clasps so quick and that you love them all. May be, you once will send us photos from your jewelry, that would be great. We every time are eager to have a look at our customers creations. Rain here in Bavaria, the weather in New Jersey is surely better:-) Enjoy your day. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 13.07.2011 10:56:34 :

I absolutely loved all the items I purchased. I can't wait to use all of them. They are exactly what I expected and the delivery time was fantastic. So quick. Can't think of anything to change, service was great. Can't wait for my next order, which will be soon.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.07.2011 09:38:12 :

Dear Katie,
thank you so much for your dear words. It makes us so happy to hear that our clasps are helping to attract so much attention to your designs. We will continue to try to get more and more new models in the shop so that the our clasps always will be a new source of inspiration for the bead designers like you.
All the best, your Claspgarten team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 30.06.2011 15:45:15 :

I received my first Claspgarten order last week. I am so impressed with your clasps,they are absolutely of the upmost quality and craftsmanship I have ever used. My customers love them, and I'm sure my bracelet sales will double with the use of your beautiful clasps. I was waiting for my order to come to finish some bracelet orders I had, and my customer was very happy she had waited to have your clasps put on her bracelet. Which by the way was very fast delivery from Germany and I am very impressed with your customer service.

She wore it to a special event and had many people commenting on her beautiful bracelet. I will have to send you some pictures of my finished bracelets.
I am looking forward to working with your company and placing additional orders in the future, as I know I will be very busy making bracelets that are sure
to be a sell out, hopefully I can keep up with the custom orders I am getting with the use of Claspgarten clasps.
Arm Candy by KDesigns
p.s. I loved my wonderful gifts!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 17.05.2011 08:31:32 :

Dear Willemijn,
I am glad to read that you are already creating a necklace with one of our clasps, you have ordered only 5 days ago! Perhaps you will send us a photo from the necklace? That would be great.
Greetings to the United Kingdom, enjoy your day. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 17.05.2011 08:22:53 :

Dear Claspgarten team
Thank you for the quick delivery and your gifts!
The clasps look beautiful, after this email i'm going to make a necklace straight away and am all ready thinking about a design for one of the other clasps!
Kind regards,
Willemijn Faulstich-Halsema

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 12.04.2011 12:39:03 :

Hello Mitsue,

we are happy that you are satisfied with our clasps and adore your efforts to support the people that have been affected so bad by all those terrible catastrophes.We have already sent out some free sample clasps to you to support your charity bazaar. Hoping, those following earthquakes finally stop, we are sending you very kind regards from Bavaria.

Ruth and Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 08.04.2011 10:43:09 :

Dear Claspgartenteam,

Thank you for the quick dispatch.I have placed my order on Saturday and received all items on next Friday.

All items are splendid!Beautifully designed,perfect construction,I am very impressed by your claftsmanship;so,it is really the German-made!

As you may know,the north-east area of Japan has been seriously damaged from the megaquake,tunami and a series of troubles of nuclear reactors.
Other regions have suffered almost no influence from these disasters,but most Japanese worry about the people living in those striken area.

Using the Claspgarten components I am going to produce some jewelry and contribute them to the charity bazaar that my fiends are planning now.
It is really a very small help for the suffered people,I know,but I would like to do something that I can do now.

Viel Dank!Auf Wiedersehen!

Best Regards,

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 04.04.2011 12:22:14 :

Hello Rose, thank you for the feedback. We are happy, that you like our clasps and that you are looking forward to working with them. Perhaps we once will get a picture of your creations? That would be great!
Greetings from Bavaria to Penzance in the United Kingdom, enjoy your week.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 04.04.2011 11:34:41 :

Hi all at the Claspgarten Team,

I have just received my first order, thank you for your prompt delivery, wonderful Bavarian efficiency and the high quality look of your clasps.

Thank you too for my lovely gifts. I am much looking forward to working with your products.
Best wishes
Almost Perfect

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 24.03.2011 07:20:56 :

Hello Ekaterina,

nice and very motivating to receive such a message early in the morning! I will forward your email also to my colleague Lylia. She is always eager to support us with our russian speaking friends and we have a lot of fun during the translation, so feel free Ekaterina, to order again, whenever you like to do:-)

Enjoy your day.


Ein Kunde schrieb am 23.03.2011 11:24:02 :

Dear Claspgarten Team,

I have just received my very first order (and, I should say, it arrived so quickly!..). WOW!Everything, every little clasp is absolutely breathtaking!.. Unbeaten quality, lovely design, and, incredibly, these are even better in person! Thank you so much for the post card with your friendly note and for all these great gifts! I actually feel myself like a person who discovered Klondike. Jewelry Klondike, of course!

Be sure, I will be back very soon for more!

I wish you all the best in your business, and have a very nice spring day!

Kind regards,


Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 22.03.2011 11:35:27 :

Dear Raquel,

we're very happy to hear that you received your parcel so quickly and that you are satisfied with the quality of our clasps and our service. Waiting expectantly for some photos of your creations we're sending warmest regards to you

Your claspgarten-team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 16.03.2011 10:50:30 :

Dear Claspgarten-team and Karin,

I just got my first order that I placed roughly a week ago. I'm extremely pleased with all the products. They are gorgeous, well-made and unique. i must thank you for the excellent customer service. I felt like I was shopping at the local bead store and always got an answer from you to all my questions, not to mention the lovely pieces you sent me as gift, how thoughtful of you!
I'll send you some photos as soon as I use any of your clasps in my pieces.

Greetings from Macau.


Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 15.03.2011 11:28:19 :

Dear Susan,

thank you so much for your kind comments on our products and service. It is so motivating for us and reassures us that we are on the right track.

Kind regards to Verona from southern Germany, where spring eventually shows up.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 11.03.2011 21:36:32 :


I received my first large order which I placed today within 1 week of ordering. I am extremely pleased with the quality of all of the clasps. They are beautiful,unique,and very well crafted. They exceeded my expectations which is usually hard to do. Your customer service and communication is also fantastic!I love your gallery of designs because it really shows people how to use the clasps as a beautiful focal point and design element! I have already shared the clasps with three of the local bead shops and feel certain they will be placing orders with you. They were also very impressed.Truly a pleasure doing business with you!

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 15.02.2011 11:34:29 :

Liebe Gabriele, herzlichen Dank für dieses tolle Feedback. Ich freue mich, dass unsere Schließen Sie so begeistern, wünsche weiterhin viel Freude beim Schmuckdesign und sende Frühlingsgrüße aus dem tiefen Süden in den hohen Norden. Karin

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 15.02.2011 11:29:29 :

Hello Jacki, I am feeling your enthusiasm which makes me very happy. The team of Claspgarten is eager to serve you again:-)Greetings from a Bavaria - where birds are singing their first spring songs - to New York, enjoy your day. Karin

Ein Kunde schrieb am 14.02.2011 17:36:15 :

Liebes claspgarten-Team,
ich bin total begeistert...!
Ich habe per Turbo-Versand die fantastischen, traumhaft schönen Schließen erhalten und bin von der excellenten Qualität überwältigt. Jede dieser Schließen ist für sich bereits ein wahres Schmuckstückchen. 1000-Dank auch für die zauberhafte kostenlose Beigabe.
Alles Liebe

Ein Kunde schrieb am 14.02.2011 15:28:10 :

Karin - you and the team at Claspgarten are fantastic! When my package to the USA was over 10 days late - you sent me a duplicate to ensure I was satisfied. I hope the original package shows up soon - but your commitment to customer satisfaction is clear. Your product is excellent. I don't believe there is anything else to compare it to, beautiful quality & design. I agree with another comment left that "I can't think of anything that could have made my experience with your company any better". Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Warmest Regards,
Jacki Zaslow

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.02.2011 11:07:25 :

Hello Debbie, we are very happy that you have gotten your clasp so soon and that you love them. Its a great feeling, that our clasps become also in New York ever more well-known and more popular.
Greetings from a very cold Bavaria, enjoy your day.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 01.02.2011 00:40:56 :

I just received my first order of clasps. They clasps are beautiful, even better than they looked on-line.
You requested feedback so here it is -
1. The quality exceeds my expectations.
2. Delivery time was quicker than I expected. I received them in less than a week.
3. I can't think of anything that could have made my experience with your company any better.

Thank you and I look forward to doing more business with you.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 24.01.2011 09:15:09 :

Salut Dominique,
Merci bien de votre email et votre enthousiastique feed-back, que nous permet de commencer motivées la semaine.

L'èquipe de Claspgarten vous envoye des salutations sincères de la région des Alpes bavaroises, couverte de neige, vers la France et la merveilleuse Provence, le pays des cigales et du soleil.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 21.01.2011 21:04:42 :

Hello Claspgarten,
Je viens juste de recevoir votre colis je suis ravie vos fermoirs sont magnifiques et de très haute qualité.
Merci beaucoup pour votre professionnalisme et votre rapidité d'expédition.
Bien cordialement.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.12.2010 11:28:47 :

Hello Lauren,
thanks a lot for this feedback about the quality of our clasps. We are already looking forward to your next visit in our shop. Greetings from Bavaria - snow is softly falling - to Australia.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 01.12.2010 06:50:26 :

Hi Claspgarten,
I received my clasps today, WOW, they are stunning, beautiful, well made and strong!! I will be back to buy many many more in the future. Thankyou again so so very much.

Lauren's Boutique Bead's
NSW, Australia

Ein Kunde schrieb am 12.11.2010 14:35:36 :

Hello Claspgarten team,

My order arrived today,the clasps are fantastic as always. Can't wait to get creative!

Thank you for the free clasps they are beautiful.


Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 05.11.2010 11:36:29 :

Thanks Terry for this feedback and we are looking forward to the photos and will place your jewellery into our Gallery of designs. You are right: Our enhancers make necklaces more flexible and also bracelets. Our pendant “Titanic” is at this time only available in crystal and bermuda blue but I have already made a note to your account to inform you if the enhancer once will be available in other colours. But perhaps our selection is already now too large when you write that you cannot decide between all of our articles:-) Greetings to Bromsgrove in the United Kingdom from a Bavaria where autumn seems to come back, enjoy your weekend. Karin from the Claspgarten team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 04.11.2010 12:51:49 :

Hello Claspgarten team,

I am very pleased with the quality of the clasps that I ordered. I think the 'enhancers' are a brilliant idea as they turn a single necklace into a 3-in-1 design. I will send photo's of this later.

Delivery took one week from order placement to receipt.

Thank you for the free gifts you sent, which were totally unexpected, but very much appeciated. I have made Article 66679/00 up and worn it myself with many admirers. Are you planning to stock this in more colours are I have had requests for it to be done in other colours particulary Jet?

I will be placing more orders with you in the future when I can finally decide on what not to order!!

Thank you once again.

Tess Creations

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 02.09.2010 11:22:15 :

Hallo Barbara,

schön zu hören, dass Sie mit unserem Service und der Qualität so zufrieden sind - Danke für das nette feedback.
Wir sind übrigens auch auf den Mineralientagen in München (29.-31.10).
Ist für Sie zwar nicht gerade der nächste Weg, aber vielleicht sehen wir uns ja trotzdem.

Liebe Grüße nach Nordrhein-Westfalen
Ihr Claspgarten-Team

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 26.08.2010 08:37:56 :

Dear Sindra,

it's nice to hear that you are so happy about the clasp and we're waiting expectantly for a picture of your creation.
Enjoy beading and have a nice day.
Kind regards to Huntington Beach from already sunny Bavaria

Liebe Frau Leffler,

na, was kann es da noch schöneres geben als so ein dickes Lob - Vielen Dank!!!

Sonnige Grüße nach Kassel

Ein Kunde schrieb am 25.08.2010 11:01:49 :

Ach , da hab ich doch noch was gelesen. Ich fänd eine Verlinkung sehr schön. Danke
Marion Leffler

Ein Kunde schrieb am 25.08.2010 11:01:06 :

Hallo Liebes Claspgartenteam ,
"was ich schon immer mal sagen wollte".
Ich bin soo froh das eine Freundin mich aufmerksam auf Ihren Shop gemacht hat.
Ihre Produkte sind wunderschön und schön auch in der Anwendung.
Der Service ist 1a . Das Team ist feundlich , zuvorkommend und kompetent.
Es ist schön mit Ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten.
Liebe Grüße und Dank
Marion leffler

Ein Kunde schrieb am 25.08.2010 00:03:51 :

Hi Girls!

I love, love, love the new clasp that I received that is featured in your "glamour" section - Item # 12142/02 - Gold Round with the Topaz amd Lt. Colorado Topaz. It goes great with Citrine and Whiskey Quartz gemstones, as well as Champagne Gold pearls. I can't wait to put it all together! I will send pic soon!

Thanks again,

HB Muse
Huntington Beach, USA

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 12.08.2010 08:15:53 :

Hi Susan,
it is a pleasure for us to serve you and are happy about your message.
Greetings to Wales in the United Kingdom

Ein Kunde schrieb am 12.08.2010 01:25:09 :

Dear Clapsgarten-Team,

Thank you very much for my order which arrived here (in West Wales, UK) very quickly indeed.

It was beautifully packed and presented and I am delighted with the designs and quality of the clasps.

Your customer service was second to none… so friendly and efficient. I shall certainly be buying from you again.

Thank you also for the charming gift with my first order. That was a lovely surprise.

With best wishes,


Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 09.08.2010 10:30:08 :

Hello Vicki-Anne,
your email makes us happy and motivates us to go on doing our best to satisfy our customers. Greetings to a surely sunny Australia, enjoy your week.
Karin from the Claspgarten team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 06.08.2010 14:54:47 :

I have just received my first order and I'm so happy with the stock! They are even more stunning in real life. It only took one week for when I placed the order to when it arrived at my door in Australia. Fantastic. Okay, the next question: How can you improve....well you sent me a lovely clasp and the cutest kangaroo pin as a welcome gift...I don't think you can improve. What a wonderful parcel to receive. Now I just have to be willing to sell the clasps to others and not keep them for myself.

Thank you for the great service. I'll be back.

Vicki-anne Carter
Queensland, Australia

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 05.08.2010 10:51:22 :

Liebe Frau Maschowski,

vielen Dank für Ihr nettes Lob. Besser kann die Woche nicht beginnen!!
Leider können wir den Mindestbestellwert nicht senken, da der Bearbeitungsaufwand pro Bestellung relativ hoch ist.

Liebe Grüße aus Bayern
Eine schöne Woche wünscht Ihnen
Ihr claspgarten-Team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 01.08.2010 13:34:34 :

Liebes Claspgartenteam,
herzlichen Dank für die superschnelle Lieferung
der wunderschönen Schließen,Rondellen und Clips.
Da ich schon auf der Creativa in Dortmund Schließen auf Ihrem Stand erworben habe, kannte ich bereits die Hohe Qualität Ihrer Ware. Ich werde jederzeit gerne wieder bei Ihnen bestellen.
Gruß Barbara

Ein Kunde schrieb am 30.07.2010 16:29:52 :

Liebes Clapsgarten-Team,

ein großes und dickes Lob an Sie. Schnelle Lieferung, tolle Ware. Schließen, die wirklich ins Auge stechen. Besonders nett die kleinen give aways.
Bitte weiter in dieser Richtung arbeiten.
Kleines Manko... man hat einen Mindestbestellwert.
Hier wäre es schöner, dass dieser gesenkt werden würde... damit man schneller und häufiger bestellen kann.
Hoffende Grüße
Elke Maschowski

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 30.07.2010 08:57:54 :

Dear Micheline,

we're very glad to hear that the clasps are even better than you'd expected and are also looking forward to doing further business with you:-)
Enjoy your weekend

Your claspgarten team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 29.07.2010 11:57:14 :

Thank you very much for my first order of clasps. The clasps are absolutely beautiful and better than I had expected.
You requested feedback so I have given it below.
1. Yes - The quality of the clasps corresponds with my expectations. I am very impressed with the packaging and the product.
2. Delivery time was as I had expected it only took a couple of days. Well done to the German and British Postal Service.
3. What can you do to improve? I think given the fact that you also sent me free gifts that you have surpassed all expectations.

I look forward to doing more business with you.

Micheline Dussart

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 16.07.2010 10:05:00 :

Hello Pascale,

a new satisfied client more is a very good news. We are very happy and we will do our best also in the future to satisfy you. Enjoy your weekend.

Your Claspgarten team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 15.07.2010 20:04:33 :

I received my first order today from Claspgarten and am very pleased with the design and the quality of the clasps that I ordered. I only had to wait 3 days before I could open my package. I have to say, I'm impressed and hope to find more beautiful designs in the future. You have found a new satisfied client!

Thanks a lot for your friendly service,

Pascale Van Goethem

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 22.06.2010 08:54:44 :

Hallo Frau Schwarz,
vielen Dank für diese gute Rückmeldung, wir freuen uns sehr über solches feedback. Herzliche Grüße Richtung Norden

Ihr Claspbarten team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 21.06.2010 14:20:17 :

Ich habe heute meine este Lieferung erhalten und möchte mich für Ihren guten und schnellen Service und die die sehr schöne Beigabe bedanken. Die Qualität der Schließen ist absolut überzeugend!
Herzliche Grüße!
Birgit Schwarz, Galerie Maritim

Ein Kunde schrieb am 20.06.2010 23:37:55 :

Liebes Claspgarten-Team,

diese Woche erhielt ich die erste Lieferung und ich war begeistert! Die Qualität der Schließen hat mich absolut überzeugt. Sie sind wunderschön. Die Lieferung erfolgte sehr schnell und dem Päckchen lag noch ein tolles Begrüßungsgeschenk bei. Vielen Dank!!!

Herzliche Grüße
Barbara Hoffmann-Harteneck

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 17.05.2010 12:35:11 :

Hello Ronda, Hello Sindra,
how could a week starts better for us than with words like yours! That makes us really happy! Welcome at Claspgarten:-)

Ein Kunde schrieb am 14.05.2010 03:12:46 :

I can't believe it took me over two years to finally order from Claspgarten (after all those BeadStyle ads)! I just thought your clasps were so beautiful...and I have no idea what I was waiting for! I love your "Gallery of Designs" - very inspiring! I love my order and the quality is everything I had expected!

Huntington Beach, CA, USA

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 03.05.2010 12:45:16 :

Hallo Frau Schwalbe,
vielen Dank für Ihr feedback das uns sehr freut und liebe Grüße nach Hamburg

Ein Kunde schrieb am 30.04.2010 19:06:24 :

Liebes Team,

habe heute meine erste Lieferung mit einem bezauberndem Begrüßungsgeschenk erhalten.
Die bestellten Schließen entsprechen genau meinen Vorstellungen, sie wurden blitzschnell geliefert und ich bin total begeistert.

Herzlichen Dank auch für die wunderschöne Extraschließe.

Liebe Grüße
Hanne Schwalbe

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 20.04.2010 07:25:43 :

Hello Jody,
thanks so much for your feedback and be sure that the Claspgarten team is very happy to know its Clasps in Swaziland, wow thats great!!!Greetings from a sunny Bavaria to you Jody and greetings to one of the 13 Queens:-)

Ein Kunde schrieb am 19.04.2010 14:21:20 :

Greetings from the Kingdom of Swaziland, Southern Africa.
I received my parcel on the 16th April 2010. This is fast for Africa!
My clasps are beautiful, I am over the moon.
Just in time for one of the Queens visit to our workshop. (there are thirteen!)
Thank you so very much.
Kind regards,
Jody de Maine

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 24.03.2010 07:25:14 :

Hello Mary Lou, seems to become a good day with such feedback:-) Warm regards from Bavaria- where spring time is starting - enjoy your day!

Ein Kunde schrieb am 23.03.2010 14:55:52 :

Received my first order yesterday. I love, love these clasps and am impressed by the beauty, workmanship and size! As a designer I'm sure I will be able to find a clasp for every new piece. Thank you so much!

Mary Lou Allen

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 22.03.2010 07:16:50 :

Hello Anna,
we are very glad to read your words and send a very big "Thank you" to Italy. Enjoy the spring time:-)

Ein Kunde schrieb am 18.03.2010 13:21:40 :

Today is a gorgeous day because I received my first parcel from Claspgarten, and the clasps are even more beautiful than in the photos, and they work perfectly.Thank you very much also for the exceptionally short delivery time, and for your kindness.
All the clasps of my future projects will be CLASPGARTEN clasps.
Thanks again

anna denza (marianna.d)

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 17.03.2010 07:53:59 :

Thanks Helene for this important feedback. Greetings from a sunny Bavaria - spring is finally coming back - to Ohio.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 16.03.2010 20:00:14 :

The clasps I received are beautiful.
My order was placed on March 3 and I received in on March 18, via Deutsch Post. I'm pleased with the shipping time.
Claspgarten has been most helpful and considerate. Thank you very much. From Helene

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 17.12.2009 08:12:49 :

Good morning Carmen,
we had great pleasure with your words and we will pass on your praise with joy to the humans who were involved in the production of our clasps. Thank you very much. Greetings from a Bavaria in snow. MERRY CHRISTMAS :-)

Ein Kunde schrieb am 16.12.2009 21:11:16 :

I received my First order and to my amazement it got here so quick.
I can't say enough of how Beautiful all the clasp's are,& the workmenship is fantastic,not to mention the Beauty of them. Since Using Clasp's from Claspgarten my customers are buying more From Luv Of Gems.
Thanks Karin
Carmen Luv Of Gems

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 19.11.2009 07:24:43 :

Wow, Philomeen and Patrick,

how could our day starts better than with such compliments:-)Thanks a lot and enjoy California

from the CLASPGARTEN team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 18.11.2009 22:40:02 :

A big "thank you” from sunny Berkeley, California for the quick shipment of the most beautiful clasps we have ever had the pleasure of selling in our second generation bead store since it first opened its doors in 1967.

Thanks again,

Patrick and Philomeen.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 12.10.2009 08:26:48 :

Dear Donna and dear Marna,
reading your lovely words, our week starts full of energy:-) We are conscious to us, that our customers are very very special. People from different continents comes closer and closer and that is really g r e a t!!!

Cordially greetings to New Zealand and cordially greetings to Canada,
from the CLASPGATREN team

Ein Kunde schrieb am 09.10.2009 03:41:13 :

The clasps are fantastic. I love the quality and I am enjoying every design possiability. Your service was good and the clasps arrived ten days from my order date. Excellant work!!!! Thank you very much.

Beads and Pearls by Design

Ein Kunde schrieb am 07.10.2009 02:48:21 :

To the friendly service-focussed Claspgarten team, I enjoy receiving all your products and they always come in a timely fashion which is much appreciated. The quality of the clasps I have got from you is lovely, and my clients enjoy the benefits of telling their clients that clasps are all the way from Germany.

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 11.05.2009 07:42:04 :

Thanks Lella, we are looking forward to further fashion jewelry photos from you, don't stop jewelry working! Greetings to South Carolina from Bavaria.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 05.05.2009 23:09:16 :

I recieved my latest order today and as usual, the clasps are gorgeous. Thank you for being such a delightful company to work with.


Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 22.04.2009 07:30:17 :

Thanks very much Mrs. Fullen, with words like yours our day starts as a really good day! Greetings to Nevada from a very motivated CLASPGARTEN team.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 22.04.2009 05:56:00 :

Just received my first order and I am thrilled with the beauty and quality of your clasps. The packaged arrived quite quickly in Nevada even with standard mail shipping.

Your communications and customer service is excellent.
I look forward to placing my next order.

Sharon Fullen
Rose of Sharon Jewelry

Ein Kunde schrieb am 30.03.2009 14:17:56 :

I cannot say enough praise about the exceptional quality of claspgarten clasps. The workmanshap is of the highest quality and the clasps are astoundingly beautiful. Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service. I will keep coming back to this wonderful store.

Rose Ferrara

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 23.03.2009 07:51:32 :

Dear Mrs. MacNicholas and dear Sonia,
with so marvelous greetings our day starts good and we receive a large motivation. Nice to meet you in our shop!

Ein Kunde schrieb am 23.03.2009 01:37:58 :

Fantastic,superb quality,beautiful clasps,I will be returning for more.Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Ein Kunde schrieb am 20.03.2009 05:40:27 :

I LOVE the clasps!!!! They are truly exceptional. You will see many more orders from me in the future.

Lella Foster Designs

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 01.03.2009 07:17:39 :

Cordial thanks for these praising words Rose. Many happy thoughts to New York and to you, enjoy your day. By the way: Thank you very much to be such a exeptional customer:-)

Das Claspgartenteam schrieb am 22.01.2009 11:06:33 :

merci pour votre compliment, nous sommes trez content,cher salutations en Suisse!
L'equipe de la Claspgarten

Ein Kunde schrieb am 22.01.2009 09:43:21 :

Merci pour l'excellente qualité et le grand choix de vos produits !
Nous sommes très satisfaits de vous, continuez ainsi !
Guy & Lysann

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